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  JCR FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff.  If you do not find the answer to your question here, our customer service agents are always available by phone or e-mail.

Who is Japan Cell Phone Rentals? 
JCR Corporation has been providing cellular and mobile communication and data services since 1998.  With office in the U.S.A. and Japan our primary goal is to provide the finest cellular and mobile interne technology. Services include , low rental rates, low airtime data rates, international direct dial, and excellent 24/7 customer service. 
Why should I choose your services and equipment?  
JCR utilizes NTT DoCoMo in Japan. NTT DoCoMo is Japan's largest and most reliable high-speed 3rd generation cellular phone network. Other cellular rental service companies choose not to provide the same.  Don't settle for outdated phones, expensive airtime rates, and hidden costs.  We are committed to provide our customers with all information up front with; low rates, no unnecessary fees, and the best cellular technology available. In China, JCR utilizes China Mobile's network. In Korea, JCR utilizes both SK Network and LG Telecom.
How do I receive my equipment? 
For your convenience, our rental service delivers the ordered cellular phone directly to any address in Japan including Narita and Kansai International Airports. This is the safest method since phone can be misplaced or damaged during air travel. Delivery is expedited within 24 hrs. of order.  We also, deliver in the U.S.A. and Korea.
What if the equipment is not delivered to the address  requested?  
If for some reason the cellular equipment is not at the location on the date you requested, please call our toll free customer service desk in Japan.  Also, please check to see if the provided delivery address and name were correct.  We send the cellular equipment to your location in adequate time to reach the requested delivery location on the rental date.  Should the phone have been delayed or lost in shipment we will do our utmost to provide equipment to your location ASAP.  You will be credited for the days that you did not have use of the equipment.
Will the cellular phone work in other countries? 
NTT DoCoMo provides 96% coverage throughout Japan and the majority of our phones will roam in most other countries including Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Note that there may be mountainous or high-density areas where you may experience coverage disruptions. Please be sure to select the correct rental option if you plan to roam outside of Japan. Our China and USA based phones will roam throughout the worldwide GSM networks

Will I be able to make International Calls?  
All JCR phones are equipped and setup to make direct dial international calls.  The billing cycle will take approx. four weeks.

What if I want to extend my rental?  
Please contact our Customer Service Desk in Japan or the USA if you wish to extend your rental period.  Failure to contact our office may result in the disconnection of service.  Your detailed statement and return date will be based on the date you returned the cellular equipment as reflected on the return delivery voucher.   
What if I want to return my phone early?  
If your schedule has changed and you wish to return the cellular equipment on an earlier date, please contact our office immediately.  
How do I cancel my order? 
Please refer to our cancellation policy on our Rental Order Agreement. Cancellations may be made via fax, phone or email.
What if my cellular phone does not operate or is damaged?  
Please refer to the Operation Manual if you are having difficulty using the cellular equipment.  If you are unable to resolve your problem, please call our Customer Service Desk. If the phone is damaged we will happy to replace it with another, although the loss damage waiver deductible may apply in some cases.  Please refer to Rental Agreement.
How do you calculate rentals for more than one (1) week? 
Rentals are calculated as week + additional day rate.  We will always give you the best calculated rate possible.   
Why does the billing process take so long?  
JCR make all effort to provide you with your call data expeditiously. After the completion of your rental we will receive a detailed statement of your airtime from service providers. We will reconcile and provide you with accurate information on the total airtime and toll charges.   
What if I accidentally lock my cellular phone and I can't call out? 
Please be careful not to lock your phone! The password will not be readily available and is not provided to you at time of rental for security purposes. Please do not tamper with the internal timer.  A $100 reset fee will be applied to your bill if the timer has been reset during  your rental period. Please call our Customer Service Desk.
Will the cellular phone operate in Japan's subway system?  
The cellular phone will operate in most, but not all subway systems in Japan.  Due to new restrictions on using cellular phones, please use the vibrator mode when riding trains.   As with most digital cellular equipment there are areas where reception is difficult.  We utilize the best network in Japan to provide you with the best coverage possible.

PRIVACY: JCR respects your privacy. All submitted information is kept entirely confidential 
and is not shared with anyone outside our organization.

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