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FREE Domestic Calls Plan

All standard domestic airtime rates are calculated at 1-second increments. International airtime rates calculated at 6-second increments
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Domestic Calls:
1.1 per second or .66 per minute
International calls to USA:
11 per 6-seconds

JCR provides clear digital international direct-dial calls from Japan to all countries worldwide. All calls are routed via regular telephone circuits - NOT VOIP, which eliminates noise, dropped calls, delays and echoes. Calls are calculated at 6-second (cumulative airtime) rather than the normal 1-minute roaming increments.

Standard Domestic Call Rates

FREE $.66

International Calls
within Japan

FREE from $1.10


Outgoing Domestic Toll Calls (057 or similar) 1.1 (cents) per second. Toll calls are charged by certain companies in Japan using 057 or similar numbers. You will hear a recording when a toll-call is dialed indicating the call will be charged and confirm your acceptance.


Outgoing Local Text Messages: $0.22 : International Text Messages: $1.00
FREE Incoming Text Messages


International calls to USA  .11 (cents) per 6-seconds  18 second call = 33 (cents)  003765 international access code  (Other access codes may be higher)

International Direct Dial are 24-hour flat rates.  ACCESS CODE: 00-3765

Calls from Japan to:

Special Rate:




Data will indicate; date, time, number dialed, and length of call.  Statements are processed on a monthly billing cycle. The cycle ends on the last day of each month. You will receive a detailed statement of your charges by e-mail  between 2 - 8 weeks after the completion of the rental and return of the cellular equipment. Statement will included all domestic and international airtime charges.  Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding the rental statement or require expedited service. Our Japan airtime rates are based on accumulated airtime usage.  Minutes are charged from actual call times rather than per call made.

Japan Voice Mail Service 
All JCR Japanese cellular phones have internal and external voice mail services.  The introduction message has been set to play English and Japanese.  The voice mail center will store your messages for retrieval at any time by dialing 1417 or 1416 These services allow the renter to either, record and play voice mail messages without calling out to the message center, or store and receive their voice mail from the message center.

Japan Internal Voice Mail
Japan Cell Phone Rental phone's internal voice mail capability allows you to record and play voice mail messages without calling out to the message center. 
 The internal voice mail will store up to 3 (three), 18 second messages for replay.  Erasing your unwanted messages will allow you to record new messages.

Japan External Voice Mail Service
For those who desire the advance feature of having longer more detailed voice mail capabilities, select our external voice mail feature.  Calls are stored with NTT's message center until you wish to retrieve them. All phones are set in this mode by default. Please review the provided operational  manual for instruction on the use of voice message and voice mail functions.



Calls to
 China, Hong Kong, Taiwan   $1.75      $1.75



All calls made and received while roaming are calculated at 1-minute increments.
 South Korea $1.45 $1.45 $3.60 $2.45
 South Korea
 Dual Number Service*
FREE* $.75 $2.25 (USA) $1.50
 Taiwan $1.75 $1.75 $3.60 $2.75
 America (U.S.A.) $2.25 $2.25 $3.60 $2.45
 Voice Mail Service is not available while roaming outside of Japan
* South Korea Dual Number Service must be requested in advance