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NTT DoCoMo is Japan's first provider of 3G and 4G service with the fastest and most reliable mobile data and voice network. Free Incoming calls in Japan.

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JCR chooses NTT DoCoMo which is Japan's largest cellular network with the most reliable service and coverage.  From our experience and the majority of business people in Japan, other cellular services cannot compare.  JCR does not offer prepaid type services which normally utilize obsolete technology and equipment. We do not use VOIP internet call service for long distance connections. Only clear direct dial service!



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Secured Onlne Orders


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Since 1998 JCR Japan Cell Phone Rentals has provided Japan's highest quality rental
mobile devices with voice, data communication and internet solutions and services.
FREE DELIVERY to any address in Japan. Now featuring the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6!

Secured Onlne Orders

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